Thursday, May 12, 2016

VvLvA- Shaking Bones 7” (H42 Records H42-030)

This is a new Heavy blues rock quartet from Aschaffenburg, Germany and a side project of Orcus Chylde vocalist Tobias Ritter. Shaking Bones starts off the A side with two short tracks (it plays on 33rpm). Shaking Bones has a really catchy guitar riff and a slow grooving bass line and passionate singing which is the main focus. The lead guitar section is about 15 seconds long. Adam’s Owe is next and features some organ. The band reminds me a bit of Wolfmother at times. Flip the record over for I can’t Stand Myself.  This is a more heavy track with a very early 70s feel but without the lead guitar work. Raw powerful vocals. Overall, I really liked the songs but missed the rock guitar solos that are always present on 70s hard and blues rock stuff. Not sure why the young bands find them so unimportant?

This is a pretty limited 7” made in only 250 copies (50 gold, 100 white, 100 black).

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