Thursday, May 12, 2016

SPACE MUSHROOM FUZZ-The Once and Future Car 2CD (Hydro-Phonic Records)

Space Mushroom Fuzz was a really cool band. This is the bands last release and one of the few on real CDs.. It contains several of the short albums they released on bandcamp (28 releases!) including the albums Future Family, Until Next Time, Retrieving the Almanac, Until Next Time and also the new single 'The Once and Future Car. There are 29 tracks in all and quite a diverse range of rock music from psychedelic, pop, heavy space rock, weirdness… This was a really cool and clever band at their best. There are some tracks on here that I did not like at all but most of it is pretty cool and good introduction to the band. It is great to know that the creative core will continue but now be called Mushroom Fuzz for future releases.. Check out their bandcamp site…

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