Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Walden- Metchosin (Prairie Fire Tapes PF052)

Walden is a duo of Jacob Moyer (drums, lyrics, flutes, voice) and ES Festus (bass, electric, acoustic guitars). MMII-Golden Light broke over the waves starts with some acoustic guitar and then an intense spacey electric guitar riff kicks in that is repeated over and over as the bass takes the lead underneath the wall of sound that has developed. It eventually comes down as the guitar riffs slow down and the vocal starts and then the music gets very intense and a death-evil style vocal takes over as the guys almost reach thrash metal intensity and a layer of flute is added on for strange effect. A Walking Song is mainly acoustic guitar with a occasional rhythm that sounds like a knock at the door. Flip the tape over now for the MMXII- Every Star called our Names. This is a very fast uptempo piece to start and even more low fi than A side. While the music is pretty happy and melodic, the vocal is quite dark and almost evil but the lyrics are actually quite positive. Strange combination. The Coda I starts off with a bass, drums and flute and then the intense spacey riff guitar kicks in but the flute is still driving the track until it just fades out. Coda II ends the tape with some nice acoustic guitar playing. A very nice piece of music.  Inside the tape case you get the lyrics to the two songs that have them.

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