Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dean Allan Floyd-Road to Atlas 10” (Crusher Records)

 Dean Allan Floyd is a new four act from Sweden featuring a Canadian on lead vocals and guitar.  This is their 2nd release following up their debut from March 2012 called “The sounds can be so Cruel”.  I never heard the LP but it got great reviews. The EP starts off with Sadness of Mankind. IT has a 60s style vibe with the vocal, organ and cool drive of the ethereal organ. The guitar break section has quite a psychedelic mix. Insects is a special track with quite a lot of stuff happening and lots of different spaced out and cool sections in this generally UK inspired psych song. Leave me Be is a short blues track. Hwy Lost (Revisited) has a great guitar riff and groove that drives this track. It gets really psyched out at the end. Far out. The title track, Road to Atlas ends this 22min EP and it is a more laid back track with some backwards effects. Pretty psychedelic stuff.. The band starts off their 3 week European tour in Copenhagen on March 1st. Hope to see you there to support this cool jamming psychedelic rock band. They are supposed to play different sets every night and do some jamming.

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