Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flowers must Die (Kommun2:21/RYR017)

The Swedish psychedelic rock band, Flowers must Die are back with a new double vinyl release on the Kommun2 label. It features 8 instrumental songs spread over the 4 sides. The material on this LP is a mix of old and new material with some recorded as long ago as 2008. The record starts off with Jamfota which gets you into the comfort zone of the band but then when Enio starts it gets very tripped out stuff with strange sounds, intense bass lines, driving rhythms, and just damn freaked out! Ennio jam sort of fades away, just before you think you have had enough…  Spindlarnas Träd has quite a heavy riff and is lead by the violin and later the electric guitar along the mighty path of destruction. Köket Brinner maintains this dark brooding theme. Hörsägen brings things back down to earth in a floating style but still freaky. Gkenvandring is a side long track that has a lead by a heavy bass line but then slowly takes on its on universe as the guitar drive the melodic and also noisy aspect and the synths and sounds create the intensity. Make sure you are strapped in properly. Side D starts off with Blågylta and is another intense one lead by a repetitive rhythm-groove. IT kind of freaks you out the way they raise some of the instruments volume quite dramatically without notice to keep you on guard. Now, the trip is ending. FMD are a quite special psychedelic experience travelling in their own special musical universe sometimes alongside groups like the Spacious Mind and Hawkwind and other times in a more tripped out universe. I have seen them three times live and they are always cool and interesting. Freak out..

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