Sunday, February 3, 2013

Traveling Circle- Escape from Black Cloud (Nasoni Records NASONI121)

Traveling Circle is a underground band from the USA and released on the German label, Nasoni Records, which specializes in psychedelic rock bands from around the world. They released the band’s first record as well. The band is a three piece and they are not playing long spaced out pieces (maybe live) but the LP features 10 songs (34mins) but they are not that straightforward and they have a special sound with falsetto vocals, plenty of fuzz and echo and a nice analog sound. Higher starts with a repetitive riff and an echoed ethereal vocal that you can hardly make out. One might think a bit of Wooden shjips but the bass is played totally different. The Candlelight Sways is a more heavy number and also features some Theremin. Newborn Shadow is slow and spacey. Green Spider is instrumental and features some guitar not unlike Yawning Man. Closer is nearly instrumental with just 3 lines of words (see the nice color insert) and a fuzzed out guitar played in a quite stoned way. Awesome song. Flip the record over for the Willow Tree Fair. This one has a really cool spacey wah guitar and this really dreamy vocal. Some electric piano really compliments the track well. I love the psychedelic guitar break on this one. Rock this Feeling is really different from other tracks with a interesting vocal approach mixing the falsetto and normal vocal and a nice groove and guitar. Fountain of Time starts with a drum solo, how rare is that? Conduit is Closing is spacey and features some more Theremin. Quite psychedelic stuff. Tears from the Soul closes this 34 min psychedelic experience. This is best to hear when you are stoned…

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  1. Hey Doc!
    I've said it before and I'm sayin' it again. You are, let me finish...on this not so humble superblog! The term 'mine of information' was never more appropriate.
    These mysterious Traveling Circle types are coming out with sounds that I'm seriously enjoying. Lost my music mojo for a bit there (comes with 50+ territory I think) but Twitter sites and blogs such as your own, have brought me back from the brink. So, I am indebted, Sir.
    Have you considered a Twitter account link to this magnificent blog? Your efforts deserve a far greater reward and whilst I kinda like having a sneaky little 'hidden' Blog source, I never come across anything else that goes into the detail you do. You would be another reason to tweet on!
    Anyhoo, keep on truckin' my friend. I did like the 'best stoned' comment. Despite the fact I never have been (closest being my first ever hearing of Dark side of the Moon on its' release in 1973...well, I was only 14 and it seriously broke all the rules) I did think on listening to Circle, that it would definitely sharpen the experience. I'll stick to a couple of beers and a good set of headphones...fully paid up coward that I am.
    Best, fella