Sunday, February 3, 2013

Powder Blue- Dream in Black (DubDitch1971-032)

Powder Blue (
This is a female fronted 4 piece band that plays spacey melodic music. Guitarist and vocalist Shelby writes all the songs. Go on Forever starts the side A with an organ before the guitar and stoned groove takes on and the dreamy vocal takes center place. Cool song. The title track is next is more repetitive and later on some cool organ takes the lead and the guitar changes and attempts a bit of interplay before the track fades out. The Haunting starts with a delay guitar and just floats. Nice track. The Side B starts with Hot Fire, which is an uptempo track with the guitar in the front and a cool vocal. It also features short guitar and keyboard solos. All of his love is more straight forward short rock track with no solos. Turn to Dust lets the keyboards take the lead. This is not some commercial rock. It is melodic, sometimes catchy but it always has this low fi, spacey vibe to it.

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