Saturday, August 13, 2011

On Trial- 2x 7” (Bad Afro Records 050)

The Danish psychedelic rock band recently played their last concert and released this gatefold double 7” with the last of the new material the band had been working on the last few years. While the band has not been that active the past many years, they have created a great back catalog of music that has changed the Danish psych scene forever. Each of these double 7”’s has unique artwork produced by the band and friends over the past many months. It also has a fully autographed insert with your edition number. It was hard to choose a few to keep as they were all so cool. Anyway, each 7” contains one track and it all starts off with 13 is just a number. This track starts with some hand clapping and some very freaky guitar stuff and has a very raw and psychedelic sound. Flaws is a slower more spacey psych song and it even has some samples. Bo’s voice is still very unique and he sounds great. Cool stuff. Now pull out the 2nd 7” and you have Bolt of Force. This track is much like some of the material on their last studio record, Forever. A mid paced melodic track with the same great dual psych guitars that Henrik and Bjarni meld together to create that special melodic spacey On Trial psych sound. No Beginning is the last song and it has a guitar theme similar to one of the bands older tracks from Head Entrance (I think). Another cool song and this is a cool way for this band to end with some pretty damn cool psychedelic tracks.

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