Saturday, August 13, 2011

Causa Sui- Pewt’r Session 1 (El Paradiso Records 002)

This is quite an interesting and intense release. These sessions took place a few years back and feature Ron Schniederman from Sunburned hand of the Man. A limited edition CD-R from the older Causa Sui line up plus Ron and Jørgen Teller was released a few years back on the There is no Trouble in Denmark label. This record was however recorded at the bands studio in Odense and has a better sound but also quite raw and in your face production. Side A starts with an 11 min track called Pewt’r Wozniacki with a very repetitive rhythm and it slowly builds and some spaced out sounds and samples and stuff come out on the left channel as the driving guitar rhythm sticks to the right. It makes it quite psychedelic. Suddenly, the guitar riff gets really heavy and Jonas plays a very psyched out guitar as it really gets intense and grows. At the end both Ron (from Sunburned hand of the Man in the left channel) and Jonas (right channel) plays solos and it very cool stuff. May Sun is a much shorter piece at 4 mins that is very laid back and has spacey guitars and synths. Really nice. Masted Milk (what kind of milk is that?) has Ron’s guitar with a very mutilated and tortured sound as he goes along with the bass and drums as the track slowly builds. Jonas comes in after a bit and plays a cool heavy riff and also some great soloing as well. Damn cool jam. Streams of Gratitude starts side B with a looping synth rhythm that slowly fades in and the track begins. A lot of subtle trippy stuff is happening in the background on this track if you listen carefully at high volume. A really cool guitar solo is played as well. Mating call is the main 11 min track on this side. This track is really extreme stuff with wild guitar playing and pounding drums by Jakob! Latte Rock starts pretty spaced out with some freaky synth and other sounds and then Jakob comes in on the drums to drive the track forward. You sit and wait for the loud guitar or heavy riff to kick in but it never does. Sure they come back with the guitars but in a very slow spacey vibe. Cool.

            This was pressed in 500 copies on vinyl and already sold out at the source but you can probably still find it around at some mail order places. It is also released in the USA on the Spirit of Ohr Records. If you are a fan of the band like some of the heavier stuff, then check this out!  Oh yeah.. Volume 2 just came out..

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