Thursday, February 20, 2020

Yuri Gagarin- Outskirts of Reality (Kommun 2, K2-54; Sound Effect Records SER079)

This was a highly anticipated release for the fans of this heavy space rock band.  The band are still all instrumental and still lay down that wall of spaced out sound, especially on the first opening number, QSO!  The sound is almost like a wall of noise with hardly distinguishable drums and instruments while Crille’s guitar cuts through straight into your brain. Wow… Check out the cool video as well.

 Oneironaut has a cleaner more distinguished sound but is also uptempo space rock with some really nice synths that cut through. Crystal Dunes starts side B with a nice repeated guitar melody as the tempo slowly builds and the rhythm guitar beefs things off and then into solo land with some layers of spacey synths. They return to the main riff again and there are some other instruments mixed into track as it slows down and a more eastern style lead guitar drives the track. Great track. Laboratory 1 is a really spacey interlude track before the amazing title track featuring some great wah guitar work that cuts through the wall of sound, which is a bit more melodic at times than in the past. Great track and a fantastic album. 

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