Thursday, February 20, 2020

Violet Nox- Future Fast (Sleep Fuse Records)

Violet Nox is a Boston (USA) based experimental electronic band that contacted me. I heard the tracks on bandcamp and quite liked what I heard.  The EP features 4 tracks. The first one (Cosmic Bits) you can hear and see the video below.  Very spacey stuff to start and then the drum machine and vocoder kicks in at about 2mins.  Quite special music. Moonshine starts with a simple beat, some fly away sounds and then the bass line kicks in, and a hypnotic synth takes you to another place. Layers of strange industrial like sounds and then a guitar. I did not expect that. Just playing simple lines. The spoken word part and even some of the music reminds me a bit of recent White Hills.  Somewhere in there is also a ukulele. The sound gets quite droning and trippy as the track goes a long. Super Fan is another quite spaced out track with a few vocalizations as well and a quite effected sound to start.  It grows in intensity a lot. Trippy stuff. Bell Song is the last number and quite experimental with all sorts of sounds and an intense rhythm that starts up. I think experimental electronic is for sure the right descrption of this 4 piece group. Check them out. You can hear it or buy the limited edition CD-R (only 50 copies).

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