Saturday, February 1, 2020

SYREREGN- Cogito Ergo Sum LP (Bilocation Records ARIFACT )

Syreregn are a Danish blues rock trio but not your usual straight up blues rock. The band has a very diverse style mixing in rock, psychedelia and a good sense of humor. Most of the songs are sung in Danish. I have been lucky to be friends with the band for many years and performed with them as well as help out some synths and mastering for them. This LP features 5 long tracks.  Side A opens with the bald child when Nemo visits the oracle from the Matrix and this leads into the title track.  This is a heavy blues rocker and the keyboards mix in perfect with the heavy bass line and riff.  Later on there is short solo before the guitar kicks in with a nice wah guitar section. Golem (instrumental) changes the mood completely with a slow track built on a repetitive bass line and floating guitar before the drums and distant vocals enters.  Beautiful melody on this one but a sort of darkness as well. Later the organ comes in to compliment and then Rasmus takes the lead with a nice melodic guitar solo, a bit jazzy, searching, experimenting.  Nice track, which builds to something a bit more heavy at the end.  Kan/Kan Ikke is the single for this LP and you can watch the video they made below. There is a special message at the end of the side and I contribute with some modular synthesizer.

Side B starts with Noter til Shelly, with a proper organ solo and then the heavy, moody riff comes in. The vocal section is very melodic and Thor sounds great. I Sjæl & Stål ends this record.  This side the band show an amazing diversity in style and there is some just wonderful playing by everyone on these two longer tracks.

I did the mastering job and also contributed some synths to the unusual spoken word parts added at the end of the sides. Great band and super nice people!!

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