Saturday, July 13, 2019

Vince Cory- Neon Rain (Atticsounds 2019)

This is the first release and first CD-R I am aware of that Vince has released under his own name.  You might know some of Vince’s other projects: Sonic Trip Project, Vostok 5, Vert:X, Red Elektra 69, Ash Magna, Sonic Shamen, etc..  All the tracks are originals except for a quite obscure Dave Brock song (Circus). Neil W (Vert:X) helps out on bass, beats and electronics on tracks 1, 3, and 7 and Daneel Olivaw on electronics on tracks 1, 4, 5,and 6. 69 Wheels has a steady bass line, some simple programmed drums and then some super cool and spacey guitar. I love Vince’s playing.  This is a nice 8 mins of spacey music with the focus on the guitar. Neon Rain features some acoustic guitar as well as electric and is a real floating track with some nice psychedelic layers. Guitar is a bit distant at times letting the drone come to the fore. Circus, is credited to Dave Brock but not sure what album it is from but this is a more uptempo track with some more energy and a nice effected guitar that sounds almost like a synth at times. Sunset Rising is a very slow track with some drums, spacey sounds and a lot of guitar with delays. Hearld and Andromeda (you can hear these on bandcamp) both starts slow and spacey with a few really deep bass tones as it slowly grows. Andromeda features an organ at the start before Vince straps on the old guitar and gives it a whirl! Solar Flare is a long 28min journey and perhaps my fave track after the opening number. Check it out and support Vince and his musical adventures. Peace..

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