Saturday, July 13, 2019

Quantum Fantay- Yemaya Orisha (Progressive Promotions PPRCD072)

The Belgium Ozrics inspired group are back with a new record this year. It features 6 tracks in about 40mins.  I met up with the guys in the UK in June. Such nice people and they played a great show as well. They were of the best of the festival.  The artwork on this 6 panel digipack is really beautiful. Anyway, this album starts off with Veutifullmocean as it slowly fades up over a minute or so. The flutes slowly come to the front (played by Charlessla) and aft 1.45, finally the drums, bass and guitar. The synth stays as the forefront instrument as we slowly glide and at 3:23 enter Erpland. The main sections of the track are all synth leads but towards the 9min mark, Tom Tee gets a chance to really rip it up on the guitar, and this is followed by some more flute and the track build into a more heavy direction.  Riddles of the Sphinx is a heavier track which has a really intense guitar riff after the synth intro. Think Kick Muck but different. The riff is discarded after a while and the synths really takes over the track, leaving the rest of the band in the dust. At 6 mins there is a great section with the flute and synth. A spoken word piece by Maera is eventually added to the mix. Very nice guitar solo at the end. Gemini Flower starts with another really cool synth that merges into a sort of guitar like sound and goes back and forth so you almost don’t sort out what is what.  Nice mix. The drums and bass are quite intensely played on this track and a melodic thread sort of weaves in and out. This one must be a challenge to play. 

Serra da Estrela closes out this excellent album and also features a spoken word poem in Portuguese by Rafaela. This is another lush track with all the same intertangled webs of Ozrics like flavours from the stinging Ed Wynne like guitar attacks to the multilayers synths. If you are a fan of the 2000’s era Ozrics before it became very electronic, then you will dig this for sure. A great collection of well crafted instrumental synth lead rock and roll music.

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