Friday, July 26, 2019

Ed Wynne- Shimmer into Nature (K-Scope)

Ed Wynne, founder and main man from Ozric Tentacles released his first solo record under his name earlier this year.  I was a bit lazy and it took me a while to get it but I now have the vinyl and it is a really great record. It features 6 longish tracks and as one would expect, Ed plays most of the instruments and programs the drums and synths. There are a few ex-Øzric Tentacles folks adding some bits here and there.  I had expected it perhaps be more different than Ozrics but this pretty much sounds like it could be a follow up to the last Ozrics record, Technicians of the Sacred but with a slightly more relaxed flavour.  It really shows how little the other members actually contributed to the previous few Ozrics records, as this is so close in sound. It is only not, Ozrics in name. That does not matter. What matters is that there are 6 really great tracks that you can just lay back and float away to.  The Novation Supernova's lush synths sounds are all over the album, which also helps to make it sound a lot like the last OT albums. I still miss having a really kick ass drummer as I don't like programmed drums much. If you dig Ozrics, you will dig this for sure. I would be so happy now that Ed is back in the UK permanently, that he would get back together with some of the old Ozrics guys and have a go at some fun again. The mid 90s line up was such a killer band.

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