Friday, July 26, 2019

Unimother 27- Chrysalis (Pineal Gland PG007)

Pierro is back with his 7th album and still jamming with Mr. Fist (drums). Pierro plays all the rest of the instruments.  Here is another interesting CD with 4 tracks with vocals and 1 instrumental track. The CD features some fantastic artwork!  I love the stuff that Bianca does. Miseries are Lost in the immense Desert of Wisdom starts with some synth sounds before Mr Fist kicks in with the drums and the guitar starts.  A nice melodic line is played before the singing starts. I am not that used to Pierro singing on the albums this much.  Like all singing, some of you will like it and other won’t. A long guitar solo follows the first set of vocals and is complimented by a keyboard line.  The vocal returns and another round of solos. A good start. Smell of the Holy has dual layers of guitars and a sort of mid-eastern like mysterious feel to it and is an instrumental song. At 5 mins the track changes quite a bit and the drums become more intense and have this special cymbal sound as Pierro takes off on the guitar with a great solo section while the main riff is repeated as well.  The bass line is sort of simple push pull rhythm. The Prisoner is a strange song. It has some elements that I like and others that did not fit together that well in my head. The main heavy riff I like though and the lyrics were interesting. IT really builds up to something different at 5mins in. Flow of Universal Becoming has an almost spoken word vocal at times and is a bit slower paced song.  The guitar parts are great on this track and he mixes in a bit of synth in the guitar solo section that gives it a bit of a freaky vibe.  Metamorphosis is the last track and in two parts: Larva and Adult Mind. It starts off with basically a long guitar solo with some bass and keyboards mixed quite low as Pierro really goes for it and Mr Fist does not kick in until around 7 mins. The guitar drops out and you get some kyeboards and a spoken word piece. A heavier guitar returns and the track becomes more dramatic. This was one of my favourite tracks on the album. Check out the trailer below. 

The sound production is a bit strange as the drums really sound a bit to separate from the rest of the instruments. Since it is only the two of them, they of course do record the drums first and maybe he plays bass or guitar along and then everything else is added. What else can you do when you are only two??

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