Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tir na Nog- The Dark Dance (Tir na Nog Records TNN 002)

I had actually never heard this band before having only heard their name.  I have to say this album is really excellent and has a nice diversity as well as sense of humor! You in Yellow start things off. All instruments are generally played by Sonny and Leo and this includes acoustic guitars, keyboards, violin, etc.. This is a beautiful track but a bit sad feeling.  I have known Love is a happier track with an interesting xylophone sounding accompaniment. The Angelus features a deeper 2nd voice and this one reminds me a bit of Comus. I pick up Birds at Funerals shows the band also likes to have some fun as well. Ricochet is a great track and has a a longer instrumental section than all the others and is inspired by a trip to Morocco, perhaps?? This is also a new single on the Fruits de Mer label. Andria sounds like a late 60s David Crosby song or something.. Sympathetic Love features Garvan Gallagher on bass and is another happy song. Time is Gone is an other very beautiful track. The album ends with the instrumental title track, The Dark Dance.  A very enjoyable album. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the garden!

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