Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Frozen Planet 1969- Lost Traveller Chronicles Volume Two (Pepper Shaker Records PPRSKR004)

Frozen Planet is a trio from Australia and this is their 2nd release. The Long Journey Home starts things off with some intense drum bass and guitar work outs.  Actually, each track is a jammed out number with a lot of cool guitar solos and use of effects. Silver Lined Cloud Lounge is a really short 1 and half min track and more relaxed. Drifting Gengly Backwards……. Has a very cool effect on the guitar that makes this one really spaced out. No Sight is another short piece of a jam that gets abruptly cut off and goes into Distant Star Island which remind me a bit of Earthless.  Corvus to Centaurus has a more of a repeated theme to the guitar playing and less lead laying. Aerial Burial features some really spaced out delay guitar that remind me a bit of Flying but UFO. Contact with Control Tower 7/Where the Brains are Bigger ends the CD with a moody, sometimes hard rocking and other wise slow and spacey guitar work out. If you like spacey instrumental guitar driven tracks, you will dig this one.


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