Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Agusa- 2 (kommun2 Records)

The Malmö, Sweden based instrumental progressive rock band are back with their 2nd record. This album is two long songs and features the addition of female flautist, Jenny, while the rest of the band remains the same. The opening track starts very relaxed and slowly with flute and organ and it slowly builds up and there are some voice like keyboards layered in there (They do not mention anyone singing, although Tobias did a little on the first record).  This track has a really killer groove, almost funky and Mikael plays a really excellent long wah solo and later, the organ melody returns and this theme is repeated many times in the track as it takes multiple twists and turns, always staying interesting. Side two begins with Kung Bores Dans, a quite familiar Swedish folk like melody in the organ playing and a quite long organ solo. The track takes a number of cool twists and turns with each member taking some long solos. There is also some additional hand drums, which I quite like. Great song. Later after a small windy section the track gets a bit more heavy on the guitar and the organ returns with a melody a lot like the way it started and a great uptempo ending.  Another very cool record… I sure had fun playing with these guys the two times I joined them…

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