Thursday, April 16, 2015

White Hills and Måneskjold- Loppen, Christiania April 13th, 2015

White Hills were very late arriving, so we had no soundcheck. Sue and I arrived around 17 and the guys from Måneskjold were setting up for soundcheck. Only Lovers left Alive was screening in the small theatre in Christiania called Byens Lys at 18 and the band was supposed to introduce the movie and answer some questions but they were late. Sue and I had a nice dinner with Dave. Chatting about live in New York, touring, music… I had spent a some hours with Rodney, the new drummer at Roadburn so we did not talk as much this day. He is from the band Farflung, where Dave’s brother plays guitar… White Hills and Farflung did some touring together some years back, so they have known Rodney for years. Cool guy.

          After we ate, Sue, Dave, Ego, myself and a lady from the film festival walked us all over the theatre. The film was in the last 5mins or so, and since Sue and I had not seen it, we turned aside. After it was over, Dave and Ego answered some questions, mainly from the organizer and one from the audience. It was over in 10mins and then back to the venue.

          There were a lot of young people here tonight and none of my music friends that I usually see shows with. I thought they were Måneskjold audience but Kasper said he only knew 10 or so of these people. Måneskjold played a really good set but way too short, only like 30mins. They sounded really good. They will soon record an EP for release later this year. I have no idea what the set list was but they played 5 songs, I think.

          Since we had no soundcheck and no gear set up in advance it was a bit of a rush but it all went very smooth. This was the third time I would play with White Hills but we decided I would only play on the end of the show, which was fine. They played nearly the same set as Roadburn but they had more intensity today and Dave did more guitar solos. The first part of the set is very heavy on the new album, which is really different. Some of the tracks Dave only sings and does not play guitar like the opener called No Will. There is a video for this on youtube. IT is a bit like the Cramps or Suicide or something. Quite different for them but still cool. Two heavy tracks, Condition of Nothing and Under Skin was next. Wanderlust has a real political statement and some far out guitar. I liked the rant that Dave does during the track LSD or USB! We are… was next and then I joined the band.

          Normally on the tour they are playing a shortened version of Hp-1 and into Don’t be Afraid but tonight we did the full 15mins spaced out version and a really cool spacey version of DBA. That was a really fun and cool. Eternity is a short and heavy track from the Heads on Fire record to end the set. The encore was a jam song called False Revolution toward a Slick Mirror from the Timless tracks for Aural Pleasure 12”. This was a great space out. I had an excellent time and thanks again to the band for letting me play with you guys. Some of the nicest people in rock music.. We multitrack recorded the show again. I think it was about 80mins..

Set List: Intro, No Will, Lead the Way, Condition of Nothing, Under Skin, Wanderlust, LSD or USB, We are what you are, H-P1, Don’t be Afraid, Eternity, False Revolution toward a Slick Mirror

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