Monday, April 6, 2015

Sweet Times Vol 3 (Who can you Trust WHO-027)

The third volume of this 7” series is back with four new bands (new to me). Sonic Love Affair starts things off with Sad Eyed Susan. Snotty rock and roll ala Lecherous Gaze… that is what his reminds me of..  Pastor is next with a track called The Howling Woods. This track is a bit slower and bluesy but also very raw rock and roll. The singer has a quite special voice. The end the track takes a strange twist and sounds a lot like 70s Pentagram. Cool. Flip the single over for the band Wild Honey and a track called This Fire. It starts off slow and doomy then the headbanging can begin as the intense female singer enters the musical frame. Death Alley play at track called Hypermotion and this is a high paced rock and roll number which is quite frantic. The singer can hardly keep up with the band at times. Another very fun 7” in this cool series. I really like the artwork but could do with more info about the bands… no web sites, info about the tracks..

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