Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spiralism- Chakras (Inverse Records IVR167)

Spiralism are a new Finnish band. These tracks were recorded between 2012 and 2014 and mixed by Sami (Hidria Spacefolk). This CD came out sometime last year but I just received. There are 7 symbols and 7 tracks representing the Chakras that make up this album. Like Chakras, there are also a lot of different moods and styles presented in these tracks but the four piece band (minus the guests- Sami on Synths on tracks 3-6 and Jani- guitar (all tracks). Drowning High starts with some deep bass and space layers that allow you to gently enter into the realm before the heavy metal begins. I was not really expecting this but the music is played with a lot of emotions, both dark, growling death and powerful melodic parts..  Weighing of the heart (Track 3) has some really nice spacey stuff going on and cool synth parts and a nice guitar solo, which there are not that many of so far on the album. The Fool is mostly instrumental and an amazingly beautiful but also mysterious track. Dust Devils has a more evil tone to start but then around the middle of the track it goes into a Hidria Spacefolk inspired eastern section. Gnosis has a slow doomy start that slowly takes another form completely with a really cool effected guitar sound. This is quite an epic (11mins) and moody piece and drops the death growls, thankfully. The Passages of Ruit ends the Chakras album in a heavy intense way.. Phew…

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for OSC and for doing this blog. I'm too lazy and square to find out about bands so I appreciate you doing the legwork while I sit on my ass in rural Oregon and listen to such wonderful sounds.