Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Alien Planetscapes- Third Sun Archive Releases

Alien Planetscapes- Live in Brooklyn 1987
Third Sun- Rooftop Follies
Alien Planetscapes- Official Bootleg #7

          Alien Planetscapes was a mostly improvised project from the later Doug Walker. It started off as solo and duo synthesizers improvisations and developed into an amazing space rock band. The band released 106 releases before their only proper CD release, 107.. Sadly, no full discography exists and some of the recordings appear to be lost forever but occasionally former member Richard Orlando finds some gems and releases them as limited edition CD-Rs. Over the last 4 months or so there have been three new ones. Official Bootleg #7 features tracks from as early as 1990 (WKCR radio promo) and the most recent being a track called Pre-Flight from 2001. Not all this stuff is unreleased though and 3 of the tracks are different versions of songs on the Life on Earth CD (Loveshack radio (2 versions) and gravel. Tracks 4-6 were my favourite material and some of it is really amazing stuff..
          The AP live at Bar None in Brooklyn March 13th, 1987 is one of the duo concerts featuring Doug and Carl Howard, whom Doug made many recordings off. This is extremely far out and really wild at times… It is split into three tracks called Selma Freedom March 1965 Part 1, 2 and 3.

          The last archive release of the group is actually material that pre-dates Alien Planetscapes and was from Doug’s first group called Third Sun. This features Doug not on synths but on alto sax and flutes primarily. He is joined by Ron McCalla on electric piano and Pablo Calogero also on alto sax and flute. All three of the guys do some different kinds of percussion at times as well. The CD is two long tracks that run 50mins..

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