Tuesday, April 28, 2015

King Bong- Deepest Hits (King Bong 2015)

This was a Roadburn 2015 sampler that the band was giving out to selected media and fans at the festival this year. It starts off with a really long track over 25mins which is called On riff to bake the Horses which is a medley of the tracks from their debut CD called How I learned to relax and love the Bong! Marathon des Sables is a new song and has some really intense playing from all the band. I like the cool effect on the guitar as it really builds up in intensity, like a scream and then they break out into a more jazzy realm like the track started off and then totally out there!. This is some of the bands best quality recordings and they really are on fire with some great playing by all the players and you can really hear how they have really come together after 7 years. A.B.Ong is a track from 2012. The Bong remains the Same is another new one and borrows a slight bit from the classic Led Zeppelin track. They finish off with Inhale on Main Street, another track from 2012. A very cool sampler with new material and a reworking of old stuff. I really like this instrumental Italian band.

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