Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sweet Times- Volume 1 7” (Who can you Trust)

This is a 7” that plays on 33rpm and contains one track from 4 different bands. I believe these are all exclusive to this 7”. The first band up is Hot Lunch with the track called Love is all around Me. This track is totally sounds like it was out of the early 70s. Glitter Wizard is up next with a track called Siren. It is a really fast track and it sounds like they have a different singer but the music is freaky space rock punk (nearly). Flip the record over and Dirty Fences have a short uptempo catchy melodic punky rocker. Ouul changes the music radically even though the tempo is quite similar. Ther track, Jeewolf Awakening is a bit more aggressive and low fi in nature and a bit psyched out at the end. An interesting compilation and the first in a series of 10 all pressed in 600 copies.

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