Saturday, March 15, 2014

Schnauser- As long as he stays perfectly Still 7" /Schnauser- As Long as he stays perfectly Still 7" (Fruits de Mer Records)

 Schizo Fun Addict- theme from Suspiria 7” (Fruits de Mer CRUSTACEAN48)
                This is a new band for me but they were the labels first band back in 2008. The 72 contains two tracks for a total of under 8mins and starting with the Theme from Suspiria ( I love Argento and the Goblin soundtracks for his movies).  The special Susperia organ sound that you will recognize right away is kept but then layers of wild and crazy stuff are happening in the background to make is pretty psychedelic but sadly it ends at 4mins, just as I was totally into it. The B-side features In the long Run (from a Russ Meyer’s movie, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls). The vibe is totally different now with this strange psychedelic funky soul track. I liked both tracks and they would fit into these movies for sure..
Schnauser- As long as he stays perfectly Still 7” (Crustacean 46)
This is a very cool and interesting 7” with a Soft Machine cover (from Vol 2) and Yes (from Time and a Word). By the Bristol based band Schnauser. Astra Traveller starts things off and it is a pretty cool rendition and it is different enough to be interesting. Covering YES is no easy feat. The band says this is a fun one to play live. Next up  is the title track, an old Soft Machine track from their 2nd record. This one is a bit more psychedelic and has a nice guitar solo section.

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