Monday, July 15, 2013

White Sails- White Sails 7” (Fruits de Mer WINKLE11)

This is a group of US and Finnish folks making some pretty cool psychedelic music. The first two tracks are the mellow and beautiful Black Sabbath songs Laguna Sunrise and Fluff! I quite like the added slide guitar to Laguna Sunrise to give it a slightly different feel. Fluff doesn’t quite have the same elaborate instrumentation but they get the right vibe across in this beautiful take. The sound production is not very analog but a very clear sound despite the lack of organic feeling. Nice version. The instrumental track by Ville was excellent and probably my favourite track of these four. Really nice guitar playing on it. Leigh wrote the next track, Death on a Pale Horse, which also features some excellent guitar playing. Another winner from Fruits de Mer!

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