Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hogslayer (Prairie Fire Tapes PF-055)

Hogslayer is a sludge heavy as hell four piece from the UK. This tape contains 9 tracks and was the bands demo from November 2012. On their bandcamp site they have rerecorded a couple of these tracks (Down the Barrel and Right to Remain) in 2013. Nightfall on No Man’s Land starts things off and is very heavy riffing stuff with powerful angry vocals. Down the Barrel continues the heavy assault. A Grudge in the key of Sludge gives you head another battering. Phew.. heavy intense stuff….. I will not describe the rest as these guys are too much for me… Fans of CONAN, EyehateGOD, and heavy shit like that will dig their heavy riffing (no solos) sludge…

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