Monday, July 15, 2013

Bite the Bullet- S/T EP (Bilocation Records CD13)

Bite the Bullet is a new band born out of the ashes of the Danish band Highway Child. This is ¾ of that line up with a new singer (although Paw played all the drums on this EP and not Andreas). This EP contains 5 songs (20mins) and is a teaser for the full length record that will come later this year, I believe. I have seen the band live and they totally kick ass in the same way that HC used to. These songs will remind you of the former band but the neew singer Thomas (sings all the songs except Hit the Ground). I feel Love starts with a keyboard line but then the heavy guitar riff kicks in. This is a band that is out to play kick ass hard rocking music with a slight blues, Led Zeppelin, and psychedelic edge. The first song is a powerful number with some cool guitar soloing by Paw, while Christian lays down the great bass line. Hit the Ground is sung by Christian, I think. IT slows things down and has a more 60’s style feel to it and a cool psychedelic guitar section and a fun chorus section complete with hand claps! Space Drums picks up the pace and has a more psychedelic mix of the guitar and vocals. Killer guitar! I will not Die reminds me a lot of the Flying Eyes and is a slower more melodic track with all three singing backing vocals. The last song is called My Soul and the simple keyboard line reappears and Paw plays trumpet as well. I love the guitar riff on this track and the way the solo part is played. I can’t wait to hear the full length vinyl! Great live band who jam a bit more than on this EP.. Check this out for sure as it totally kicks ass!

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