Monday, July 15, 2013

Goatess- Goatess (Svart Records SVR199)

Goatess is a new Stockholm based stoner doom band fronted by Christus (Lord Vicar, Terrafirma). This is their debut record of heavy stoner-doom stuff. The opening track Know your Animal is quite uptempo and has a great guitar riff that they build the track on. I was waiting for the guitar solo section but there was never was one and they did all the interesting stuff with the vocal sections, some a little psychedelic. Alpha Omega slows things down to a more and the guitar riff has this special distorted edge at times. It is a longer track very focused on the vocals and lyrics. Ripe ends side A and starts off with the bass line by Findus. Niklas next brings in the slow stoney riff as the drums keep a steady pace. Later it really picks up the pace only to return to the slow very stoned riff in this shorter track that gets quite psyched out at the end. This was the coolest song on the side for sure.  Full moon at Noon starts off side B with a classic stoner rock feel and then the track slows down with some really cool delay guitar and spacey vocals. I really wish Niklas would take the guitar to another level and really let go, even though he plays some really cool stuff it always feels like he is holding back and not just really letting go. Oracle Pt 1-The Mist starts slowly with what sounds like synthesizers or keyboards but I think it is some cool guitar effects and this continues throughout the first part while Christus sings the first section. The Oracle (pt2) is the heavy intense part and more doomy. Side C has the last two tracks starting with King One and this starts with a really cool guitar riff and a killer sound in this slow riffing monster with a bit of delay guitar in the spacey section. Tentacles of Zen closes the record and has a lot of cool lyrics and starts with a sound sample from I Claudius! The end of the track has a very cool eastern guitar theme and gets more and more psyched out. Great ending. Sadly, side D is blank, no music. Such a waste of space and vinyl. Very cool debut record with a mix of stoner, doom and a bit psychedelic at times. If they smoked more they might have made a SLEEP like masterpiece, ha! Enjoy..

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