Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dead Ranch- Birds of Pray (Praire Fire Tapes)

Never heard these four guys Canadian guys. The artwork on this cassette is really cool. Done by Randy at . This tape is the bands demo from June 2012. They have a new song on their band camp site you can check out and you can download this album for free. Electric Yellow starts things off and has a super cool guitar riff and intense energy. A mix of a punky attitude and thrash. The singer is mixed really low so you can’t really hear him very clearly but he is shouting and angry as well. Konan is another speedy raw track but it slows up towards the end. Touch Fuzzy,Get Dizzy starts very slowly and then gets totally crazy and then a heavy guitar riff kicks in and the band just takes off at break neck speed. This one gets pretty psyched out at the end with some crazy sounds mixed in with the guitar riff. The next two tracks are listed as demos. Pheromone and Attack of the Sky Creatures.  They have a slightly different sound production. This is a fun punky thrashy angry release. Amazing energy and cool guitar riffing.

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