Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Lone Crows- The Lone Crows (World in Sound WIS-3018)

This young American band from Minneapolis really caught me off guard! Who would have thought these young kids would make a killer record of 70s style blues rock! The CD features 9 tracks in 48mins. This one caught me off guard for sure as these young kids really rock. The opening track is a fast paced track called Lone Crow with a good rocking riff and some powerful vocals and nice solos. Can’t go Home Again has a hard edge but bluesy feel to it. Heard you Call slows things down and shows the more bluesy side of the band and it is a brilliant song highly inspired by Black Magic Woman. It has some really beautiful guitar playing. These guys have the correct influences. You got Nothing is another well crafted 70s style rock song with passionate singing and cool guitar riffs! Moonshine brings back the blues again. The Ghost is an instrumental jam track that fades in and the band just has a cool jam. When I move On has some great stuff but seems like an aborted track or something. I dug the riff and the solos but only one vocal section and then a solo and over.. Hum… The Crawl is one of the heaviest riffs on the record on this slower track,which really rocks at the end. Running through my Head closes this excellent record with another bluesy rocker. I am pretty amazed by these young guys. They have written a great set of mature songs. My only complaint is the production is a bit too clean and digital some how.. Cool record and one I have played many times.

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