Monday, July 15, 2013

Circle- Six Day Run (Full Contact Records KRYPT-038)

This is a short soundtrack album for a Finnish movie called Kuuden päivän Juoksu. It features 6 short tracks between 3 and 6 minutes. It was recorded in September 2012. Day One starts with a kraut rock (CAN) style groove with the same guitar line repeated over and over with small modulations but not a whole lot. Day Two starts off a bit spacey and has a driving drum rhythm and a pretty cool guitar line comes in and out throughout the track but never really takes hold and finally at the last minute it all comes together on this floating psychedelic synth boat.  I wonder what is happening in the movie now? Day Three must have been a pretty crazy day as this tracks has a frantic pace. Cool stuff. Flip the record over for Day 4. This also has this quick pace and a really nice guitar line over the grooving bass and drums. Day 5 must have been a really frantic and crazy day as there is sorts of sounds clanging about, different strange synth modes while the bass and drums just keep the track driving like a freight train! Spaced out. Day Six also is pretty frantic but the synth and piano line gives it a more relaxed feel somehow.  This is a damn cool record. I also got the Panic on vinyl recently and that is a fucking strange record and nothing like this one at all. You could not even know it was the same band if you did not know in advance. This record is way cooler.

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