Sunday, October 7, 2012

White Hills, Anders, Troldmand- Loppen, Christiania Oct 4th, 2012

I caught a ride with Rasmus from Troldmand, who picked me up with the hard disc recorder so we were at Loppen at 17:15. White Hills had just arrived and had all their gear in the main hall. Anders was setting up to do some soundcheck but time was running fast as all the soundchecks have to be done by 18:30 due to the restaurant upstairs. In the end Anders got a bit of a soundcheck and Troldmand set up and basically did not get one at all and neither did White Hills.  

          We all just hung out and had some nice food that the club had made. The people in White Hills are so cool. They were relaxed and all was well so far on the tour. We hoped for a lot of people. You never know. Roadburn tickets went on sale this night. All the Danes I spoke to got one, that is great…

          Troldmand hit the stage about 10:10 and did a little 3min pre-start as a sort of soundcheck but it did not really work for them, so they plowed on into their set starting with Rockford and then the rest new songs. Sound in the front room was great but the band said they could not hear each other at all and it was terrible on stage so this really effected their ability to improvise, which I can understand. Anyway, Rockford is real Hawkwind like balanga and a cool song and the new songs were also very good and spacey material with some quite intense guitar parts. The audience was pretty attentive and I guess about 60 people were here. They only played 35mins.

Anders Band
          Anders set up pretty fast and also played a pretty short 45min set but some really spacey psychedelic stuff and I think two new songs that I had never heard them play live. The band sounded great but the singing was a bit off and not that great at times. Lots of great guitar sections even though Hobitten was having some technical problems throughout the show. They ended the set with Drop your Bombs which has a really cool hypnotic riff and groove. The Anders band is all old ON Trial members except Anders Grøn on the drums (played in Baby Woodrose, Dragontears, Spids Nøgenhat). Cool songs.

Set List: In the Dark Hours, Hey Hey Bye Bye, Hello Friends Again, Isolator, Don’t Listen, Holding back the tears, Drop your Bombs

          White Hills had a lot of pedals, a Roland sampler thing, a Micro Korg (Ego) and they had no soundcheck but they let it rip with Radiate when they were ready and people were into it, up close and attentive. Maybe 80 people so not a great turn out but a good crowd and the band delivered the goods. The set was almost identical (slightly different order) to the set they played in London when I saw them in March of this year. A lot of intense guitar but they seemed very controlled and not very improvised. I am sure Dave is playing different solos but for always about the same time, they never really just space out and play 15min tracks anymore. H1-P1 is probably one of my favorite tracks that they play these days. Anyway, they kicked major ass and I love seeing this band. Wow… very cool space rock stuff and they invited me to play with them in Malmö tomorrow!
White Hills
Set List: Radiate, Under Skin, Pads of Light, Song of Everything, You Dream, Condition, Robot Stomp, Doluere, H1-P1, Encore: Dead (intense)

About a 65min concert. Great night…. 

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