Sunday, October 7, 2012

SEID, Black Moon and Wright the Dead Kamel- Dragens Hule, Copenhagen Oct 6th, 2012

Wright the Dead Camel

This was my third concert in three nights but no way was I going to miss my friends from Trondheim, SEID. They drove down from a gig in Oslo last night and came directly to my place and I had made them some Indian chicken curry and Pakistani biryani. Yum…. We hung out and listened to Dragentears, Stoned Jesus, Gov't Mule, Hidria Spacefolk and then around 19 headed out to the club. Black Moon were also with the guys and super nice people. 

The soundchecks all went well and I hung out with Magnus (Mantric Muse) for a bit and came back to the club. A new two piece band called Wright the Dead Camel. They played some sort of desert stoner rock blues thing. They actually were pretty cool but they would be much better with a bass player. There is a huge hole in the sound. It might be unique but they can never get that ballsy sound for playing this kind of music. It would also give the guitar plays some space to play some solos. He had a lot of great riffs and cool ways of playing. I think they played about 30mins. 

Black Moon is a new Norwegian band playing really cool jamming psychedelic stoner rock. Guitar player really knows how to use his pedals in really cool ways and plays some great solos. Good dynamics in the band as well.  They only played 4 songs in about 30mins or so.. Here is a video of the last really long track… Enjoy..

The Trondheim,Norway band SEID came back to play at Dragens Hule almost 9 years to the date they first played here on their first CD tour. Back with an almost completely new band, they blasted the place with their unique brand of psychedelic space rock. Since it was only the bass player and guitarist/singer from the original band, the music focused mainly on the new record with only 1 song from each of the bands other records. The new guys are just great. Fantastic drummer, wow.. I really loved his playing and the new synth guy had a super cool set up and we talked a lot about synths, modulars, etc.. very nice and knowledgable guy. All the guys were great. Where we the fucking people? Very small crowd for such an amazing band but a very dedicated audience and people really loved it. After the SEID 50min set, it was free form jam session for about an hour with a lot of crazy stuff going on… Fun but insane…… A great night in the Dragons Cave…….
Set List: Space Pirates, Ölyok Kok, Birds, Tron, True Merry Poppers, Decode the Glow, Jellyfish, Fire it up, Secret Handshake>Jam

Dragens Hule Space Band

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