Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Psychedelic World Music- Discovery (Trial Records 013)

This is a compilation CD featuring bands from all over the world and all but three of the tracks are unreleased. The CD starts off with Cosmic Vibration from Germany. This is a nearly 7min track that starts off with a great bass line and chanting style vocal very much like Ole Lukkoye. It then goes off into a spacey guitar section with some synthesizers sweeps and pads as well. Damn cool song. Triptych (UK) gives us the track, Origins of Life, which starts with some hand drums and then the synthesized bass, dreamy synths start to take over the groove. A lead guitar enters in to drive the main thematic section. A spoken word about the formation of water enters in the mid section and then a more eastern theme begins to take hold. Great song. The Misteriosis (USA) have a long 9 min song from 2005 that was from their self titled record.  the track is a slow building track with a spacey female vocal. Mochues a L’Orange (Belarus) Sixty Nine is a live track that is very floating and spacey with some nice guitar, bass, drums and ethereal keyboard. The guitar is mixed really in your face but he plays some really cool delay guitar towards the end. Deti Picasso (Armenia) starts off with a flute before the guitar takes the lead until the female singer kicks in on this track called Kele Lao from the bands Turbo Mairik CD (2008). She has a fantastic voice. Wow.. Grey Mouse (Russia)
Snow (Spiral Walk) starts with some sitar underneath the guitar, bass and drums as the track begins. Once again we are graced by a female singer with another unique voice to compliment the sitar. At 3mins the guitar riff becomes much more heavy (a bit like Siena Root) and then the guitar solo! Plooth (Itlay) provide the track, Caronte from their self-titled record from 2011 and it is a slow spacey blues track so it is completely different from all the other tracks we have heard before. The Narcotic Daffodils (Belgium) have a long 9 min track called the Crazy Dwarf. It starts off with some slow spacey guitar and sitar in the background but the guitar taking the lead as the pad synth gives some support. It has many cool parts and is both guitar and organ and some psychedelic voices as well. Zhaoze (China) ends this CD. It starts with some sort of string instrument and keyboard as the track starts quite slowly and quietly. The track eventually builds up with some melodic and beautiful guitar. The special string instrument returns again. What a fantastic compilation CD. Probably the best compilation album I have heard all year. Open your ears and mind…


  1. Hello Dr Space!
    Many thanks for your review on this compilation.
    There are on YouTube some nice video's of "Caronte"'s Plootho and "The Crazy Dwarf" 's The Narcotic Daffodils
    We tried to give a visual journey of this crazy dwarf with pictures from Volcano's in Bali , Wolves in Moravia , and some of our gigs in the UK and Belgium
    Simon (Sitar and Hammond player of The Narcotic Daffodils)

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