Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anton Barbeau- Psychedelic mynde of Moses 7” (Fruits der Mer Crustacean 32)

 The 7” starts off with one of Anton’s own songs called Psychedelic mynde of Moses. It is a melodic track and reminds me of Bevis Frond (even before I read that Nick Saloman actually plays the lead guitar!). It is a mid paced melodic rock track and features singing nearly all the time and the chorus is repeated 30 times of something. A robyn Hitchcock called Sometimes I wish I was a pretty Girl is next and quite a funny track. It has a very different sound production and is a bit more psychedelic. The 7” ends with Julian Cope’s number called Our of my mind on dope and Speed. This version has a pretty heavy bass driving the song and is the most psychedelic of the three tracks and my favourite. You really have to get used to Anton’s voice as it is quite special but if you can do that, I think you will dig this little gem..

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