Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Colour Haze- She Said (Elektrohasch)

This has been a highly anticipated record. I have been following and been friends with the band for more than 10 years now was really curious to hear this one. The record is 82mins long and comes in a very nice 3 panel foldout CD pack or a double vinyl record. I have to say that this is the best sounding Colour Haze record ever. The sound production is just fantastic. Look forward to the vinyl, sure it will sound killer…

CD1 starts off with 18min title track, She Said. It has a slow build up with a nice cool piano line and really rich, deep bass line. The mid section is super cool with congas and a real jam, like nothing the band has done on a studio record before. Several of these firsts are reached on this record! I think this track is pretty Hendrix inspired but done Colour Haze style.. Cool stuff. A short interlude track called This comes before the song Transformation, which many of you have probably heard as this has been on the net for a while now. It is like a small false start and then a really cool jazzy track starts up but is too short. I wonder if they play this live in an extended version? Anyway, back to Transformation. This is my favourite track on the CD. Just a really cool floating element and some killer guitar and it really gets flying with some super cool double tracking and probably the most psychedelic song they have ever done. Great stuff..

CD2 starts with the 12min long track, Breath, which is a long emotional journey like the bands version of Third stone from the Sun but with vocals and different instruments like piano and an Mario on backing vocals. They are trying lots of new things. More complex arrangements and a bit jazzy at the end with some fantastic double tracked guitars before they go back to the riffing. Slowdown starts with Phillips bass line and Stefan singing a very forced vocal and he is supported by two other vocalists as well. This is a quite uptempo track with some nice melodic guitar, again with some layers, which is nice but the standard “Koglek” guitar sound is intact. The track fades out as they really start to get it on…. maybe live they jam this one out? Stand In starts slowly with a light bass line and Mani, playing the rim of the drum as Stefan slowly takes the lead. This is a nice 8min riffing instrumental with a cool organ part that comes into compliment the build up towards the end again. Classic Colour Haze! Rite again allows Philip to take the lead and Stefan kicks in with the vocal right away as it stays pretty melodic. The Kyuss/Colour Haze guitar riff kicks in at the break and later he does some skat vocals (do-do-doo) over the top and follows this with a similar guitar line which later morphs into an acoustic guitar layered over the top before the Kyuss riff returns. Grace rings in at nearly 12 mins and closes this record. It starts off with acoustic guitar and surprise, a string section. This is something totally different before the familiar takes over again with some very nice guitar soloing and over the acoustic background. The Symphonic part returns at the end. Cool instrumental song and a good one to have at the end. 

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