Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Chemistry Set- Kiss me vibrate and Smile 7” (Regal Crabomphone Winkle 8)

The Chemistry Set, a UK psychedelic rock band that started in the 80s and then disbanded but is making quite a comeback. This is their 2nd 7” on the Fruits label in less than 2 years and is another set of 3 brilliant tracks that would fit perfect back in 1968 (if the production were not so clean and modern). Come kiss me vibrate and Smile is an uptempo and pretty catchy track but not nearly as psychedelic as the next two tracks. Time to breathe is a brilliant song with a laid back acoustic guitar, some spacey slide and cool lyrics. Hallucinations is a more guitar driven track with some great lead guitar work underneath the heavy bass line and acoustic guitar. The 7” comes in a gatefold sleeve and is pressed in two colors and a total of 800 copies. 

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