Sunday, October 7, 2012

White Hills and the Wands- Debaser, Malmö, Sweden Oct 5th, 2012

The folks in White Hills came by my place at 14:45 or so and we drove to Malm’o. They were supposed to be there at 15 so they had no time to come in and check out my place. Drive was uneventful but the weather was just nasty, a bit cold and constant rain. They are all such nice people and easy to talk to about music, politics, art, etc…  Soundcheck and all the boring things like that went fine and we had a lot of time to just hang out. The club staff were very professional and we had plenty of beer, wine, good food, etc.. Nice backstage room as well. I recorded out soundcheck but we did not really play a lot. It was nice to have a chat about the set list and 5 different songs were played from last night in Copenhagen. They play about 8-9 songs a night at each show about 60 mins and have around 20 they shift around all the time to keep it fresh, etc.

          Anyway, there were not many people who looked like the came to see White Hills or the Wands but just came out to a nice bar and what a surprise for them, psychedelic rock with acid oil visuals. The Wands hit the stage about 21:30 and they sounded great. A young new Danish 4 piece band played 60’s inspired psychedelic rock. A mix of shorter and longer tracks. They play well but you can tell they are new and not yet fully confident. I enjoyed their 40min set a lot and really look forward to their debut record coming out in early November. Check out the video below of one of their shorter numbers.

          We hit the stage as soon as we could after all the gear (including a total swap of drums) was done. Opened with synth space thing and straight into Oceans! I had great sound but Dave’s vocal was too low so I had to just watch him sing so I did not make crazy sounds when he was singing. I really got sucked into it and felt comfortable after the first song. The concert actually all went by very fast and we were done in 65mins including the encore. Maybe it is because I am used to play 3 hr concerts? H1-P1 is one of my fave tracks and a blast to make some modular synth sweeps and things in. The really heavy tracks you really have to find your space. The audience was really responsive and all stood quite far back with only one older guy right up in the front. Great gig and I can’t wait to do it again one day. Thanks White Hills….

Set List: Space Intro>Oceans, Three Quarters, Pads of Light, Song of Everything, You Dream, Let the Right one In, Enlightenment, H1-P1, Encore: Condition

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