Sunday, September 16, 2012

Øresund Space Collective, Stoned Jesus, 5R6- Dragens Hule, København 9/14/12

This was the 2nd ØSC concert at Dragens Hule this year and we decided to help out some cool bands from the Ukraine to set up a concert in Copenhagen on their Europe tour. Everything was running late but we still managed to start on time with 5R6 at 22. There were about 40 people. 5R6 are some young guys from the Ukraine (two guitars, bass and drums) and they play a pretty intense music. The first track was a bit more like stoner rock but with a good groove and some great lead guitar stuff but then they went into more complicated riff rock stuff and were quite TOOL inspired and even did a TOOL cover as the last song of their 40min set. Check out the video

Next up was Stoned Jesus, also from the Ukraine. I really like both their releases so I was really looking forward to the show. They were really really nice people but we did not have too much time to chat.. Anyway… they opened up with Indian from the new record, Seven Thunders Roar. They are only a three piece band. Igor, the guitar player and singer had just got a beautiful new blue Gibson Les Paul here in Copenhagen so this was his first gig with this guitar. Next up was Bright like the Morning. They next played a short 3min new song that they said they played for the first time ever last night in Berlin. Then my favourite song from the new record, I’m the Mountain was just as long as on the record and sounded great. There were many more people now by the time they were playing. They ended the concert with Falling Apart from their debut EP. I really enjoyed the concert and they got a good response. Sadly, they had to leave before we got to play so they never saw ØSC. 

ØSC, we started about just before 01:00. Rune, from Sinister Creation was paired up with Nicklas from Papir. They had not played together ever in ØSC but used to play some music together years back. Anyway, due to the late hour, Rune had to leave after the first jam and the bass rig died during the first jam as well so it was quite chaotic to start the show and everyone was really waiting as it took us forever to get started as well. Nickolas (Univerzals) took over from Rune and then we really took off! These 2nd and 3rd jams were really cool. The 4th jam a young lady came up to the mic and attempted to sing but this was not very exciting even though the jam was really great. We took a set break and came back and after a modular synths space out had a monster 57min jam!!!!!!! One more jam and that was the end of the 2nd set. It was 4 in the morning and I was pretty tired, the guys making the amazing projections were also very tired but the band wanted to play more. So we started a 3rd set and had one really cool 27 min jam but I could play no more. I was totally drained. After I took down all my stuff, the guys were still playing and about 20 people still getting wasted were hanging out… Crazy night….

Set List

Set I
Rune goes, jiri Explodes 21:35
Dark space before the return of the bass 5:45
The bass is Back 31:18
4.The girl is Lost 24:42
Set II
Modular Intonations 5:12
Across the Universe 57:26
Stupid Boys, Smart Girls 21:49
Why play More? 27:40

You can hear the concert at this link! 

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  1. Hi Scott,

    This is Igor from 5R6. Thanks for a great gig! We're very sorry that we could not stay for you show, unfortunately, we needed to move on. Hope to see you guys live some day.

    I don't remember whether we gave you our CD. So, in case you would like to give it a listen you can download it from here:

    Or just stream from our facebook page with the rest of our stuff.

    Thanks again,