Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chickencage Experience- An Eggspoliltation Movie (Nasoni Records 122-2)

This is a new release from the creative folks from Polytoxicomane Philharmonie. It comes in a cool dual sleeve digipack with the CD with 6 long songs from 9-17 mins in length and a DVD movie. I have heard the record alone and also watched the DVD movie. The majority of the movie is a film of the band playing live in the studio. I did not think that the whole thing came across that cohesively but it was fun to watch and the music is pretty cool and sometimes amazing.. It is hard to describe but this is the most free form, jamming and space rock like the band has ever been. The two female vocals remind you of GONG at times but there is a more lead vocal story telling role here and not just space whispers, and poetry. These guys play such cool music but I think you need to watch the DVD and hear the record, it worked better than stand alone. Cool to see some people doing something different with musical media.

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