Sunday, July 12, 2020

The 17th Dream of Dr Sardonicus- Live (Fruits de Mer Regal Crabomophone winkle 40)

This is a tribute to the Fruits de Mer label yearly party in Wales from 2019. It features a wide range of bands and styles and quite a few cover songs, which is not surprising as that is one of the specialities of the label!  Sarah Birch starts things off with Reverence.  A beautiful track with acoustic guitar, violin and voice. Mark McDowell and Friends provide a track called Starstreamer, which is a really nice psychedelic trip. Alain Pire Experience do Lazin’ in the Afternoon. The highlight of side A for me was Ken Psutelnik’s Groundhogs Version of the Garden. Wow.. Just so much like the original. Great stuff.

Side B sees Elfin Bow cover the Small Faces- Autumn Stone followed by a long spaced out jam with violin and other string instruments by the Fellowship of Hallucinatory Voyagers!!  Side C starts with a great version of Love or Confusion by the Chemistry Set. Sendelica close the side with a long psyched out version of Nine Miles High (if it is the Byrds song, it is a very loose interpretation). 17 min guitar and sax jam but a cool one. Side D starts with a band I have never heard of called Three Dimensional Tanx and they reminded me of the punky era of Hawkwind.  Moon Goose, a band, whose last album was a great one, play a very uptempo and rocking track. The Bevis Frond close this excellent album with a bit more of a moody and slower rocker called Pale Blue Blood but with some excellent guitar playing and super long solo.  A great release and very solid mix from the recordings. You can hear the Bevis Frond show below. 

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