Sunday, June 24, 2018

Spiralmaze- Dunes of Dorlmeus (Self Released)

Spiralmaze is a Greek trio lead by George Arestis who plays all the guitars and synths. He is backed up by Manos Lefakis on bass and Panos Theodorou on drums. George and Manos also mixed the record.  Like the Danish band, Mantric Muse and the Belgium band the band Quantum Fantay, are extremely inspired and influenced by Ed Wynne and Ozric Tentacles. This new album features 7 tracks and starts off with Third Zone (hear the track below). This track starts with some spacey synths and then the drums and bass kick in with a straight groove and George is off with a solo that could have been straight off Curious Corn! Classic early Ozrics sound. At about 2mins the synth plays a more important role before the main guitar riff bounces off the bass line and everything gains in intensity. Some layers of synths are rolling about underneath before the next solo which is a keyboard solo this time and then a pretty intense and long guitar solo as the synth changes to something totally different. Quite psychedelic. Nice build and cool track. FTFO starts with a strange synth (?) and then a drum and bass line not unlike the Throbbe by Ozrics kicks in and off we go! Lots of changes and synths layers and cool guitar on this more dreamy track, even though the groove is steady as a rock. Tikaalik is a quite funky track with some strange synths that feel a bit awkward at times and then at 2mins the guitar kicks in and things change totally. The end is quite dreamy. Laccadive is a bit more jazzy at the start with lots of complexity and then the track becomes more straight-forward and the dreamy Ozric like synths take over while the guitar is more straight and then later a solo. Laterthis is a repeated dream like state as the drums, bass and then the guitar comes in with a melodic line before the slow building solo and then a great uptempo groove kicks in and the synth takes the lead over the repeated guitar line. A few Ed Wynne like guitar tricks (or licks) and we move to another section with a Nodens Ictus like synth. There is a bit of a return to the beginning vibe later in the track to tie it all together. Holey is next and a more intense track, especially the guitar riff. It laters is a bit more relaxed but still pretty intense with the appregiated synths. The title track is more relaxed and oriented on the synth until the reggae skank guitar kicks in. We stay in reggae/dub mode for the entire track but the focus is much more on the spacey synths. Jimmy the Dog finishes off the record with a pretty groovy track lead by a bass synth line and a very steady groove. Trippy track and it becomes almost like techno.  

The band is at its most adventurous on this record and if you dug their others and like Ozrics inspired music, you must check them out.

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