Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pyramid- Pyramid (MENTO22CD)

This is another excellent reissue on the Guerssen Label from the Pyramid label in Germany in the 70s. This was recorded in 1975-76 and is a 33 mins spaced out piece of music with some very nice beautiful themes mixed in with some creepy and spaced out tape effects.  Drums, guitar, bass and keyboards are the main instruments. Some of the beginning reminds me of early Pink Floyd (68-70). Around 19mins they kick into a repetitive groove with the bass guitar and guitar mirroring each other and this goes on for a bit before it dissolves. Around 28 mins the track nearly dies out before taking a new direction. Spaced out stuff but I liked it a lot. The vinyl must sound really excellent. You can hear a snippet below. 

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