Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cosmic Ground IV (Studio Fleisch SFCD10)

Cosmic Ground is an ambient electronic solo project by keyboard player Dirk Jan Müller of Electric Orange. This is the 8th release since 2014 and the 2nd in 2018.  This album features 7 long tracks ranging from 7 to 20mins in length. Dirk plays analog modular synths, guitar, mellotron, minimoog, string ensemble and various tape echoes and audio generators to make a pretty magical journey. Yes.. music like this has been made before by others but I have to say I really enjoyed this album a lot. Especially track 2, Stained. Lots of analog synth sequences and layers but the changes are gradual slowly you get lost in the trip. This is what music is supposed to do for you. Brilliant record!

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