Sunday, June 24, 2018

Pyramidal- Live from the 7th Psychedelic Network Festival (Sunhair Music SH0018)

Pyramidal are one of my favourite bands from Spain. This is the bands 2nd live record but it only contains one of the same songs from the first one they released from Freak Valley back in 2013. Another things that makes this record quite special is the addition of the saxophone player Arantxa. Side A starts things off with the amazing track, Frozen Galaxies. I love this track on the album but also live. Side B is also from the Frozen Galaxies album and played pretty close to the versions on the album.
Side C we get to hear two brand new songs in early versions. The first is called Visions of An Astral Journey is a song with a complex arrangement and starts with a strong bass line and a bit of funky guitar with a bit of wah. A specific sax theme is repeated over and over while the guitars noodle about and make some cool layers of sound. About 3mins in the sax pushes the band in a new more intense direction with the drums really going for it. The track gets quite psychedelic at the end with a really cool guitar tone. Creatures from the Red World is next and more moody track with a mysterious edge and lightly sung vocal. The sax is much less in front on this track and only appears here and there and most towards the beginning. Some of the more intense guitar from the guys is on the end of this new track. The sax appears again as well. Cool stuff. Side D we are treated two two tracks from the bands debut record, Dawn in Space. The first is a very relaxed and spacey one but sadly my copy of the vinyl is flawed and there are a lot of pops and skips on the first track, Plastikleuten. Damn Fucking great record.  It is a very beautiful gatefold LP with lovely artwork and super cool poster.  A most excellent release.

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