Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sendelica- Cromlech Chronicles III 3x 10” (Regal Crabomophone winkle 32)

Sendelica, one of the most productive bands on the planet (a release every 3-4 months) but a cool one. 17 releases since 2015! The band gets into the studio and bangs out one winner after another. A great collective of musical minds out in Wales.  The band is expanded to a 6 piece for this recording with additional 2nd drummer, Gregory and keyboardist Roger. Anyway, this is the follow up to Vol II.  The record features 6 tracks ranging from 6 mins to nearly 15mins and starts with BS a quite heavy riff (ala King Crimson) one of the bands heaviest before the melodic layers start to come in with layers of keys and the first guitar solo. Later a laid back sax solo is played. The tempo and intensity pick up at the end of the track as the sax takes the lead all the way. Slow Burner is a mid to fast paced and very melodic track again with the saxophone being the main solo instrument. The track comes down at 5mins and the drums disappear into just cymbals and then the track starts to grow again and the energy returns for another 3mins and then the track really gets quiet with only the sax and the ending stays very spaced out. 12 Shades Revisited starts slowly with a guitar with some delay and a nice bass line as the drums slowly enter in and then followed by the saxophone. This is complimented nicely by the keyboards on this laid back track. The track is very floating and spacey at times. A bit Hawkwind like but without the electronics and synths. Teifi Marshes is a very beautiful piece of music. Wow.. lovely keyboards, sax and vibe. Star Flower Blossom is the longest track at nearly 15mins. IF fades up quickly with a very spacey vibe that slowly builds. The sax enters around 3.5 mins. The guitar parts on this track are very cool and interesting even though your focus is drawn to the sax. Pretty intense sonically at times and it was my fave track. Lost City of Cardiza ends this album and brings back the intensity of the opening track and has a very freaky ending.

If you are not a fan of heavily saxophone driven instrumental spacey rock you night want to pass on this one. The record has a great vibe and texture to the jams that I enjoyed a lot.

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