Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vibravoid- A Night at the Museum (Kraut Minded Records KMR036)

Vibravoid are back with their 8th live record since 2010.  Like every single one except the Freak Out Bologna, the concerts are very similar. I just heard all 6 sides of this one and you can’t deny, this is a great fucking band and their cover versions are fantastic and there is some really cool improvisation that goes on but we have heard these songs too many times now, at least I have. Live at Finkenbach 3LP released last year (2016), Loudness for the Masses 2LP or 6CD box (2015), all have virtually the same songs on them as this release.  I love the band and they are super nice people but what about a new fresh set for 2018??? Play some of the great originals from your last few studio albums (hardly any of these tracks are played on the live albums) and pick a few other cover songs as these are getting pretty overplayed now. You will do great versions, I am sure but a fresh set would be fantastic. If you don’t own any live Vibravoid LPs, then for sure this is worth getting. Each record is a different colour vinyl a small colour booklet… Great sound..

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