Sunday, August 20, 2017

GIOBIA- What have you Done 7” (H42 Records H42-034)

Giobia are an excellent psychedelic rock band from Italy.  This release came out just before the bands small spring-summer tour and the release of their excellent Live Freak LP. It features one new song called What have you Done and a cover of the Hawkwind classic, Silver Machine. What have you Done is a true space rocker with a high energy, cool spacey electronics and effected vocals. One of the more heavy Giobia tracks that I have heard. Silver Machine features Shazzula Vultura on vocals.  The main part of the song is played very close to Hawkwind but I love what they did with the middle part with a lot of trippy keyboards and later a nice guitar solo. Pretty psychedelic stuff!  It has a very special sound production as well. Great 7” and very cool sleeve with a collage of old school space and sci fi images.  The 7” is dedicated to Lemmy.

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